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The Bridge Golf Foundation (BGF) operates an intensive, year-round, multi-year golf and education program for young men of color. Their mission is to help young men close gaps in achievement, learning and opportunity; to improve their college readiness; and to help them graduate from college and move into the workforce. Golf is the cornerstone of their rigorous academic and character education program. The goal is to get young men through college, not simply into college. BGF makes a long-term deep dive into the lives of young men.

With TrackMan simulators, K-Vest and Science and Motion PuttLab, The Bridge Golf Learning Center offers the golf technology preferred by the best players and instructors in the world. Come experience the same game-improvement technologies used by the top players on the PGA Tour and European Tour.

King Rose built the The Bridge Golf Learning Center, a year-round indoor home for golf located in Harlem. The Center’s PGA Teaching Professionals and state-of-the-art technology will help develop skills and love for the game of golf. The staff utilizes the latest in game improvement technologies and teaching methods to provide a superior learning and entertainment experience for their guests. They cover all facets of the sport in their approach to golf instruction: long game, short game, fitness, club fitting and the mental game. They strive to help golfers develop the essential fundamentals that will carry them through a lifetime of playing. Their goal is to inspire a love for golf in an inclusive, friendly, caring and accommodating environment that encourages both the growth of the game and an awareness of golf as a powerful medium for good in society. The Foundation’s golf-centered approach to community development includes programming in STEM learning, cultural events such as movie screenings, and a variety of activities that illuminate our mission and values.

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