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FedEx chose King Rose Construction to replace their entire ventilation, heating & cooling system at their largest distribution center in New York to mitigate growing concerns over an aging system and the desire to strengthen environmentally-friendly practices. Going into the project, one of the most challenging aspects identified was the facility's round-the-clock operations. Additionally, FedEx required a reputable firm to carry out the work–the facility is high-security and regulated by TSA as shipments go directly to and from NYC airports. As a long-term King Rose client, FedEx hired our firm for the project, confident in our track record of success and understanding that we were well-equipped to handle the sensitive project. 

Thanks to our team’s detailed scheduling, FedEx was able to keep its operations running smoothly while King Rose worked in dozens of different areas every day to accommodate FedEx's non-stop logistics. Our flexibility allowed King Rose Construction to repair its operating environment without disrupting the facility's operations. This let FedEx finally have their new, environmentally friendly HVAC system without causing an impact on their massive operations, which would have been a logistical and financial nightmare. 

King Rose Construction has experience in many projects, including commercial, healthcare, education, retail, multi-family, and hospitality. We can leverage this diverse experience to take on complex projects like the one for FedEx and complete them successfully. Thanks to our team's experience and expertise, we could pull it off flawlessly by tirelessly working on every aspect of this project down to the tiniest detail before construction began. The new HVAC is a great addition to FedEx's distribution center, improving its environmental position while providing comfort to its employees.

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